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Is Your Smile Ready to Test Its Mettle against the Oral Health Care Quiz?

How well do you care for your teeth? Would you say that your smile is being treated as well as possible? To test your oral health care, take the following oral health care quiz:

  1. Do you floss every day?
  2. Do you eat healthy meals every day, avoiding sugary snacks and indulging in foods high in calcium, phosphorus, and other enamel-saving minerals?
  3. Do you avoid snacking between meals?
  4. Do you supplement your oral health care with mouthwash or sugarless gum after meals?
  5. Do you always attend regular checkups with your dentist for professional cleanings and oral health exams?
  6. Do you always use safety gear when playing contact sports or other high-risk activities?
  7. Do use brush your tongue along with your teeth to keep it clean?
  8. Do you avoid bad oral health care habits such as smoking and drugs?
  9. Do you avoid medications that can cause dry mouth and tooth decay?
  10. Do you consistently follow instructions and guidelines offered by your dentist?

Yes = 1 point
No = 0 points

1-3 points: Your oral health habits are lacking and need to be improved.
4-7 points: You are doing ok with your oral health, but there is room for improvement.
8-9 points: Great job, your oral health habits are impressive.
10 points: Congratulations, you have proven that your smile is on the fast track to optimum health.

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