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Dental Work Needs to Be Included in Your Daily Routine

Our dentist, Dr. Adam Rauzman may use a dental bridge or dental crown to restore a missing tooth or replicate a tooth’s enamel layer. While these forms of dental work are created from dental materials that are immune to tooth decay, you will still need to brush and floss them every day.

If you fail to thoroughly brush the dental bridge or dental crown twice each day or you sometimes forget to floss every evening, hardened tartar can build up at the gumline. This could promote significant periodontal health problems. If you’re having trouble cleaning the spaces and contours around your dental work, you might want to try employing one of the following oral hygiene tools.

An interdental brush has a small tapered brush head. It can be especially helpful for clearing away food particles and plaque from the contours of your dental work. It’s essentially a miniature toothbrush that can augment your regular tooth brushing efforts each morning and night. If you are having trouble flossing around your dental work and the neighboring teeth you might want to try using a floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss. This can help insert the strand of dental floss between your dental work

If you are in the Hawthorne, New Jersey, area and you need further advice on how to adequately clean and maintain your new dental bridge you can call (973) 427-4201 to speak to a member of staff at Adam Rauzman, DDS.