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A Secret to Oral Health Success: Dental Bonding

Are you ready for a smile makeover? Are you hoping to find a procedure that doesn’t require a drastic overhaul of your entire dental profile? If so, one highly effective tooth restoration procedure that can enhance your smile without covering or concealing your natural teeth is dental bonding. With dental bonding, you can correct surface abnormalities without entirely concealing your teeth.

One highly effective tooth restoration treatment that you should always consider is a dental bond. If you have ever suffered any oral accidents or injuries, and need to repair teeth, dental bonding treatments can do so without completely concealing the tooth. Dental bonding treatments are highly effective for restoring your smile if any damage has occurred. In addition, dental bonding treatments are extremely durable and can often last up to ten years.

If you wish to repair chips or cracks in your teeth or fix any oral ailments are irregularities that exist with your tooth enamel, dental bonds can be used. Dental bonding treatments can also be used to help lengthen teeth and correct any spacing issues that may exist. They’re also highly effective for protecting roots of a tooth that has suffered due to gum disease or other similar gum recession problems.

Dental bonding treatments have been proven effective for the use of filling in cavities that may have occurred. If a hole in your tooth enamel is present, a cavity will arise which needs to be treated as soon as possible. Although dental amalgams can often be used to help fill in the decaying area, dental bonds in the form of composite resins can be used as a cosmetic alternative to amalgams to provide a tooth-colored treatment for your tooth.

Imagine yourself with a better smile thanks to dental bonding treatments. If you would like to consult with a dentist in Hawthorne, New Jersey, you are welcome to contact Dr. Adam Rauzman and our team about dental bonding treatments. To schedule an appointment at our dentist office of Adam Rauzman, DDS, call our spectacular team at (973) 427-4201, and we will help you as best we can.