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Professional Teeth Whitening for a Gleaming Smile

At Adam Rauzman, DDS, we are pleased to provide effective in-office teeth whitening for individuals who desire whiter teeth to enhance the appearance of their smiles. Having a smile that is white and even can give you a natural boost in business and social situations, improving your quality of life. If the passage of time or tooth staining as a result of dark foods and beverages has dulled your teeth, we invite you to receive teeth whitening.

We encourage you to make a habit of consulting with our dentist before attempting to improve your smile with a new whitening product. Our experienced dentist can ensure that the product safe and is the most efficient method to improve your staining issues.

If you have found that over-the-counter whitening products purchased at the store are not enough to produce the results you want, our team at Adam Rauzman, DDS can recommend a professional tooth whitening procedure, which is a safe and effective way to produce a brilliant luster in your teeth.

To perform the bleaching procedure, our dentist utilizes a special gel to protect your gums from the solution and then applies dental trays with filled a concentrated bleaching agent to your mouth, where they are held in place for a time. Once the bleaching has the chance to brighten your teeth, we further the results with a special ultraviolet light to achieve your desired shade.

If you are interested in a bright, white smile, please call our office at (973) 355-7922 today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists and discuss professional teeth whitening in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Drs. Adam Rauzman, Alexander Kim, and Melissa Pallotta are here for your smile!