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What Are Root Canals For?

Root canals can actually be very helpful for you. You may have heard that they cause discomfort, but anesthetics can prevent any discomfort that may arise. Besides, root canals can resolve problems that may be causing you discomfort from day to day, and they can offer some benefits over other treatments.

What a root canal can do is treat infections that have taken hold of the inner layers of a tooth, where the pulp and the nerves. It can help you to get the tooth treated quickly, otherwise, the infection can lead to an abscess, which can only increase discomfort.

Unfortunately, the infected nerves and pulp will be beyond anyone’s help, so they will have to be removed. Nevertheless, the treatment can remove the nerves and pulp that have been compromised, which should remove the source of the continuous discomfort and help you feel better. Abscesses can also be averted this way, which can save you further discomfort.

Furthermore, the tooth can also be preserved this way. Another option for treating these symptoms is an extraction, but that means permanently losing that tooth. Granted, there can be instances where an extraction may be the best treatment to use, but you can go with the less-drastic option of a root canal if our dentist recommends it.

We use a local anesthetic to nullify any discomfort the treatment may cause. The anesthetic numbs the area that needs treatment, so you should not feel much of anything as we take care of the tooth.

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