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When You Should Get a Second Opinion for a Root Canal

If you neglect your teeth over the years and allow for plaque to build up to cause decay, there is a chance that you will need a root canal to repair damage to your teeth. While this is routine for a dentist, it can be a scary procedure for patients and make you wonder if you truly need a root canal.

Especially if you wary about your diagnosis or suggested treatment method, it may be worthwhile to seek a second opinion.

If You Have Cared for Your Teeth

Root canals are often only necessary when bacteria have extensively worn down the outer layers of your tooth to expose the inner nerve tissues. If you have taken care of your teeth and have resolved any cavities that you’ve developed over the years, you may question if a root canal is the right diagnosis and treatment.

If You Would Like an Alternative Treatment

You want to consider a different treatment plan to resolve your tooth decay. In this case, it can be beneficial to seek a second opinion to discuss your alternative options. A new dentist can examine your teeth and x-rays to offer treatment modalities other than a root canal.

How to Go About Seeking a Second Opinion

If you’ve decided that you’d like to seek a second opinion for a root canal, it’s important to do your research. Begin by using online reviews to seek out a reliable dentist and seeing who takes your insurance.

Once you have found a new dentist that you are comfortable with, obtain your dental records from your former dentist, including x-rays. This will help give your new dentist the opportunity to give your dental history a thorough look.

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