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Should I Whiten My Teeth at Home or at the Dentist?

If you want a sparkling white smile, you’ve probably tried at-home whitening solutions. After all, they’re convenient and affordable. Professional whitening services, however, have many benefits. Our Hawthorne & Nutley Dental team at Rauzmna Dental shares the differences between an at-home whitening kit and a professional whitening procedure.

At-Home Whitening Kits

These kits are available in drugstores and big box stores nationwide, making them an easily accessible option for many people. There’s a variety of different at-home whitening products, including toothpaste, rinses, gel strips, and whitening trays.

A few of the pros and cons to at-home teeth whitening include:

  • Pros: These whitening products are easy to find and affordable for many people looking to brighten up their smile. They can be simple to use, too. At-home kits are great for maintaining your smile after a professional whitening kit or for lifting light stains.
  • Cons: Whitening products intended for at-home uses aren’t as effective as professional treatments. They also can cause gum irritation, leave the spaces between your teeth untreated, and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Professional Whitening Treatments

Our dentists can help you safely brighten your smile with a professional whitening treatment. The whitening method that we offer in our office includes custom whitening trays that are worn 1-2 hours per day until the desired shade is achieved.

  • Pros: Professional whitening treatments are carefully controlled by a trained professional, which reduces the chances of irritation, overtreatment, or poor results. These treatments also can offer better, more noticeable results—which is wonderful if you’re looking for a fast fix. If you have sensitive teeth or dental health concerns, our dentists can advise you as to the best options for a brighter smile.
  • Cons: Professional whitening services are more expensive than the whitening treatments available for at-home use. You will need an appointment, which can make it more difficult to squeeze a whitening session into your daily routine, too.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

If you find yourself hiding your smile because you’re self-conscious of yellowed or stained teeth, whitening can help you feel more confident. Even if you have excellent oral hygiene, your teeth can become stained. Drinking coffee or tea is one common cause of tooth stains, as is smoking.

Bleaching your teeth with a peroxide solution can address the stained surfaces of your teeth and prevent stains from reoccurring. Whitening products can also be an important part of maintaining your smile’s beauty.

Our team at Rauzman Dental offers all the services you and your family need for a healthy smile, from general cleaning and dental care to cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers and whitening.

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