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Dry Mouth

Spit happens, in fact spit happens everyday. Our salivary glands produce about 1 to 2 liters of spit daily. Saliva is made up of 98% water and also mucus, proteins, electrolytes and the digestive enzyme amylase. Saliva also contains an anti-microbial agent that helps protect against gum disease and tooth decay. It also neutralizes the acids in the mouth that break down tooth enamel which can lead to cavities and tooth sensitivity.

Reduced salivary flow can cause difficulties in chewing, swallowing, tasting and speaking. It can also cause a burning feeling in the mouth, mouth sores and dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused by certain medications, stress, aging, smoking, certain autoimmune diseases and diabetes. Breathing through the mouth at night can also be a reason for the mouth to get dry.

Dry mouth can be treated by chewing sugarless gum to help stimulate the salivary flow, drinking water throughout the day, using a humidifier at night and using over the counter products to help moisten the mouth. It is also important to use a toothpaste with fluoride and to avoid any mouth rinse that contain alcohol which can also lead to dry mouth. If you start to experience dry mouth be sure to see your dentist to discuss the possible reasons and ways to ease the symptoms.

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