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Should I Replace My Metal Fillings with Tooth-Colored Fillings?

In the past, when a patient had a cavity the only treatment option available was a silver, amalgam, or metal filling. However, with the advancements made in modern dentistry, most dental practices now provide the option of tooth-colored fillings or composite resin fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are the perfect blend of restorative dentistry and cosmetic artistry. Not only are they a great way to fill new cavities, but they’re also used to replace old metal fillings with newer, safer, and durable dental fillings. When done properly, they can last just as long while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Tooth-Colored Fillings vs. Metal Fillings

Most dentists still offer metal fillings because they provide several advantages for patients seeking less treatment time and a reduced overall cost. In short, replacing metal fillings is not needed for everyone but, in some cases, patients may want the silver removed for aesthetic and health reasons. Compared to the metal alternative, tooth-colored fillings offer numerous benefits.

Key differences include the fact that tooth-colored fillings:

  • Blend with tooth enamel more easily
  • Require less removal of tooth structure
  • Puts less pressure on the enamel
  • Provide an option to patients allergic or sensitive to metal
  • Less sensitive to cold and heat

Common Problems with Metal Fillings

There are many concerns and risks surrounding metal fillings, leading people to consider replacing them with modern tooth-colored ones. If you’re thinking of updating your filling, a few common reasons for doing so include:

  • Mercury poisoning – When metal fillings were first used, the amount of mercury found in the mix could be enough to develop mercury poisoning. This is now rarely a problem, but the risks increase when exposed to the material.
  • Weaker seal – Metal fillings don’t bond well with tooth enamel. It’s easier for bacteria to get under the filling, which can cause an infection or another cavity.
  • Visible appearance – One of the more common reasons people want to remove metal fillings is due to the obvious silver outline of the material. The unnatural color is often visible when you’re laughing or opening your mouth wide.

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